A young, London-based man Tyrone embarks on a fulfilling journey asd an artist following a tumultuous start in life. As a child, Tyrone was subjected to horrific abuse in a foster home that violated their duty of care.

Fast forward to years later, Tyrone, a fiercely determined young man, set to make a difference and positively impact his community andf powerful paintings that depict those who influence and inspire him. He is supported by a loving intelligent girlfriend, Naomi, and an equally nurturing adaptive family.

After an encounter with a group of mysterious criminals following his television debut, tyrone is killed. Tyrone’s murder case sends shockwaves across the nation, yet ultimately goes cold. Following multiple cries for answers and justice from Tyrone’s adoptive family and the community, Folasade (Ty’s adoptive sister) takes the matter into her own hands, which leads her down a dark and dangerous path, blowing upo everything she thought she knew about life in the process.


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